Chapter 14 : Environmental Chemistry

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry: Chapter 14 (Environmental Chemistry) are provided on this page for the perusal of Class 11 Chemistry students. These solutions can also be downloaded in a PDF format for free by clicking the download button provided below.

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Environmental Chemistry

The free Class 11 Chemistry NCERT audiobook provided by us have been prepared by seasoned academics and chemistry experts keeping the needs of Class 11 Chemistry students in mind. The NCERT Solutions provided on this page contain step-by-step explanations in order to help students answer similar questions that might be asked in their examinations.

The Chemistry NCERT Solutions provided on this page for Class 11 (Chapter 14) provide detailed explanations on the steps to be followed while solving the numerical value questions that are frequently asked in examinations.

NCERT Solutions for Chemistry – Class 11, Chapter 14: Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry is one of the most important chapters in the NCERT class 11 chemistry book. In this chapter, many important concepts related to the environment are taught to students like atmospheric pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and reasons for soil pollution. Apart from these, students will get to know about strategies to control environmental pollution like waste disposal, use of pesticides to reduce soil pollution.